Close more deals faster than you ever thought possible

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Configure products and pricing, maximize cross-sells and up-sells, and deliver quotes

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Proposal and Contract Generator

Propose & Contract

Automate add-on orders and quickly generate proposals, contracts and renewals

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Billing Invoicing Software

Bill & Collect

Easily process orders, invoices and payments, and recognize revenue promptly

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Our Customers Love Us

Ruchika Chopra Headshot

Ruchika Chopra

Nimble Storage uses SteelBrick CPQ for Configure Price Quote
One in five quotes had a problem earlier when we were using manual quoting. We don’t have errors now.
Lars Nilsson Headshot

Lars Nilsson

Cloudera uses SteelBrick CPQ for Configure Price Quote
We were able to go live in two weeks and achieved rapid adoption and ROI.

Michel Hepp Headshot

Michel Hepp

BlueCat uses SteelBrick CPQ for Configure Price Quote
We went from only having 25 percent of our quotes ‘in the system’ to 100 percent adoption seemingly overnight.